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Work less & do more: My favorite tips for productivity

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So if your anything like me you are always reading and searching for ways to become more productive! I often find myself distracted, not sure if it’s text, email, Facebook, Twitter, phone…the list could go on! I know you feel me. As soon as you sit down at your desk or wherever you work you immediately get overwhelmed. I am right there with you! I have learned a few key strategies and wanted to share these with you in my video below. I want to help you to clear out some of the clutter and be more productive in your day!

Tip #1: Set a firm and clear deadline! If I don’t put it on the calendar with due date it will never get done!! I have done this so many times, you think I would learn! If I don’t make a solid date I will keep putting it off. Put it in your Google Calendar, wall calendar, everywhere. Remember, be realistic though!

Tip #2: Work from a President’s List and a todo list. President’s list is 5-6 TOP things you MUST do for the day. Don’t overload your list or you will feel overwhelmed. (I learned about the President list from Jennifer Lovelady). Short List: 3 tasks that are your next steps to work toward finishing the goal of your project. Instead of just listing the project, list the steps. It will seem and be much more achievable! (I learned this tip from Carrie Wilkerson)

Tip #3: Get an accountability partner: Think of another entrepreneur that would be a perfect match to be someone who you can check in with weekly? Perhaps it’s someone online or if you don’t have one you can use your social media audience and fans to keep you accountable. When you have a meeting with your partner be clear and realistic on what you want to accomplish. I have made some amazing progress in business because I have an accountability partner.

Tip#4: Reward yourself for your hard work! Give yourself a pat on the back. Being an entrepreneur is not easy! We need to take time for ourselves to get to recharge and inspire new ideas!

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