Why Your Online Summit Isn’t Working

Online coaches/healers let’s talk about online summits..love ’em..hate ’em? Online summits have been around forever and are still a go-to strategy for a lot of coaches to quickly build their list and sell coaching packages and programs.

HOWEVER, I see summits leaving women exhausted and overwhelmed because of how much energy it takes, and let me frank – their launch plan after frankly SUCKS making sales so much harder. So no wonder they are exhausted!

I see coaches doing all this work to get these new leads in, yet their conversion rates are super low.

Mind if I share what is missing? After working with a ton of coaches on their launches I’ve come up with 3 key issues that are missing with their summit:

Mistake #1) In a summit, you are interviewing over 20 other people. This is a lot of mix messages, different viewpoints, etc. And each guest is giving away a freebie which adds distraction to the viewer. So you want to have a few things in place to make sure this new lead on your list gets to know YOU and your value.

I recommend doing this by:

*Making sure you send a welcome video when someone opt-in’s that get them to know you, what value you offer by teaching them something.

*Make sure YOUR interview is the first one to launch
*Set up a FB group where you go live throughout the summit to support all these new beings that were attracted to your message

Mistake #2) The after summit warm-up sequence is critical. Again this list just got to know over 20 OTHER experts, they don’t really know you yet. This is where I recommend my 5-day launch formula. Hands down when my clients implement this after a summit their sales conversions double.

Mistake #3) Last but not least is leveraging FB ads after your summit. Why? Because your email open rate is going to be around 15-30% max. So what about the other 70% of people? Retargeting ads on FB baby! Work SMARTER not HARDER.

Imagine them seeing a beautifully crafted FB post that adds value, positions you as an expert and gets them to take action to the next step. You spent all this time and money building this list – don’t LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE.

So what’re your thoughts on summits? Love to hear!

Side note: If you are currently running summits to list build and you want to get higher sales conversions – let’s chat. I can help you double your revenue with my strategies.

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