How to find the right business coach + why I hired a PT

{Dish with Devani} Why I hired a Personal Trainer

You’re probably asking, what does hiring a personal trainer have anything to do with business? It actually has tons to do with it which is what I explain in my latest Dish with Devani video Episode below!

Today’s marketing message has everything to do with the mindset around “why” I hired a personal trainer.

I recently set some fitness goals for myself for wanting to get healthier and also reach a certain body fat percentage.

I knew I could try to gather resources and information from the internet for free, but let’s be real

Being dedicated and consistent with a regular eating and workout plan is not easy, specially when you try to do it on your own!


Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first. ~ Frederick B Wilcox (Click to Tweet)

I don’t have the time to spare to be guessing on the best type of workout or eating plan. I want results from the effort and energy I will be putting into it, so that is why I decided to hire a trainer. Someone who has spent years learning about all this stuff and that can give me an action plan and road map to achieve my goals without wasting time, energy or money.

The same thing applies to your business! I spent the first two years of hanging out in “free” Facebook Groups and spending money on bright shiny objects and lots of info products.

Did I learn a lot? Sure..

But what I was missing was that one on one accountability. Someone that put me in my uncomfortable zone, yet held my hand the whole way through. It wasn’t until last year that I invested a large sum of money into working with a high level business coach that I was able to double my revenue in my business.

Watch my latest Dish with Devani episode and learn my top tips for finding the right coach for you. This can be for business or personal.

Do YOU have any tips to add to this? I’d love to hear them! Please tell me in the comments below and let me know about your experience with this subject!

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