when should you hire your first virtual assistant in business

When should you hire your first virtual assistant?

I’ve got another episode of Dish with Devani + some awesome giveaways to celebrate Client Appreciation Month!

So, I’m really excited about November! Why you ask? Because it’s my Client Appreciation Month.

This means that I am going to be giving back to you, even more.

I am truly grateful for all of my amazing clients, colleagues and supporters I have, yes that’s YOU!

I have two ways I’m going to be making this month extra special for you:

First, I am rewarding all of my fans and followers that submit a Dish with Devani question by entering you into a drawing to win some awesome prizes, in addition to answering your question on an episode.

Second, I’m also going to be leading a 20 day Instaspark Challenge! This Instagram Challenge is all about getting your Instagram optimized, active and growing.

This challenge is perfect for those just starting out on Instagram or wanting to up your current game. Together I will help you double or even triple your Instagram following and engagement.

In today’s episode of Dish with Devani, Heather Hildebrant with Chic Ink asks “when do you/did you decide to hire help? Before you’re actually really busy or after and really need the help?”

When is the right time to hire help in your business? Is there ever really the RIGHT time? Find out by watching below.

Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience with hiring an assistant in your business. Did you hire someone before you were ready or did you wait? 

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