What type of content should you be posting on social media?

Do you get confused when it comes to what to post on social media? Maybe you have trouble coming up with ideas? Or you have SO many ideas you get overwhelmed?

Today I am going to break down the four types of content that you want be creating to build relationships, grow your following, and attract the right audience on social media.

Content type 1: Inspirational

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to being inspiring online. When you spread positive messages and inspire others, you can make a bigger impact than you realize.

Most people start their day with watching the news. The news is made to create scarcity and fear. This carries through the subconscious mind and affects how you think and react.

When you post a positive message and share what is true for you, you have the opportunity to create an interrupt in their daily pattern and shift people back to a place of happiness. What a gift that is!

I can’t tell you how many heartfelt messages I have received over the years of people thanking me for sharing my journey, for inspiring them, and for being authentic online.

You can do this, too. Pinterest is a great platform to find quotes and I also love to make my own with my iPhone using the Wordswag app.

Content type 2: Educational

Educational content is great at positioning yourself as an expert. This is an opportunity to be generous and share your knowledge.

Think about tips that help your ideal client. Think about things that you do every day in your life that people would find helpful.

Break down the 5 core pillars that you teach your clients to help them achieve results and share little nuggets about these pillars.

Need more ideas? Ask your audience or clients on social media. Send out a survey and see what they are struggling with.

Content type 3: Entertaining

Most people are on social media to be social. If you can make people laugh, you’ll gain fans for life. This doesn’t mean trying to be funny when you really aren’t – maybe this is posting silly questions or finding funny memes that your audience would relate to.

Think about ways you could make a joke about common threads you see in your ideal client? One of my most popular videos is one I created with “Negative Nancy.”

People loved that I dressed up as an alter ego. It was relatable, funny, and entertaining.

Content type 4: Culture

Culture is the opportunity to share what you value as a company. This can also be behind the scenes, client testimonials and your mission.

I love using Instagram Stories to bring people behind the scenes with me and see what is happening in my everyday life. This builds trust as I walk my talk. I show myself more raw and unfiltered.

Whenever I get great feedback from a client I ask for their permission and share it on social media. Again, I am building trust with my audience.

Now that I have outlined four types of content that you can create, you can decide what social media platforms you are going to use and stick strong to those until you master them. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to use them all. Just pick one to start with that you can be consistent with. Pick the one you love and where your clients are hanging out.

And when in doubt post what your heart is calling you to post. Be aware of the little downloads you get from the Universe and put it out there.

Some of my most engaged content is vulnerable and directly from my heart. In the end be you and share your truth.

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©2024 Devani Freeman

Devani Freeman