Top Facebook Fanpage mistake that most business owners make

With all of the Facebook changes, it is so easy to overlook simple things that could lead to a huge increase in Facebook traffic and engagement. One of those mistakes is a simple setting on your Facebook page. When you Facebook Page is first set up the settings, under your “managed permissions” tab is defaulted to “Only Posts by Page”. You DO NOT want this.

This means that viewers and yourself, can only see posts on your wall that are posted by you, not other pages or fans. This is not good for a few reasons:

1. Can prevent you from getting great interaction with your fans.

2. Can decrease the likely hood of getting a new like because of the engagement they see on the page.

3. You can also potentially miss posts from people and other fan pages!

Conclusion: You want the setting to be set on “All Pages”. See image below.

I also included a hands on video to explain how to set this up properly.

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