This Year Commit to Imperfect Action

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the last week of January! And I’m curious to know, how has the month treated you? Did you start the year eager and excited about a fresh new year,  full of possibilities? You probably set some resolutions – are you making progress on those?

While I’m positive your resolutions were set with the best of intentions, I want to know how you will make 2013 the year you truly create change – the year you reach a new level in your business, get out on stage to speak, write your novel, or whatever you dream of accomplishing?

Well, here’s a tip that may surprise you – TOSS your resolutions and commit to IMPERFECT ACTION.

Here’s the deal. I’ve witnessed first hand too many entrepreneurs get stuck year after year in building and growing their businesses. Trust me, I went through this too when I first started! You get caught up in perfecting your marketing plan, fine tuning your bio, revamping your website…and what happens is it freezes you from moving forward. You are waiting for everything to be “just so” which results in you being stuck. You’re left not moving, waiting, hoping for the perfect solution to emerge out of thin air.

But being successful doesn’t come from always making perfect choices in perfect situations, now does it? No. Success comes to those who are comfortable going out there and doing things…IMPERFECTLY.

If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done. (Click to tweet!)

To run a successful business you have to JUST GET OUT THERE! Throw some things around and then see what sticks. Once you start taking action, you’ll discover what works – and what doesn’t – and that’s when the clarity will start coming to you.  Trust me! If you can learn to get comfortable with imperfect action, and even have fun with it, this will free you from any paralyzation and allow you to innovate and grow. And, I guarantee you’ll start making money more quickly.

Remember, success is not just a destination, it’s a journey. And to take that journey, ACTION is required, even if it’s not PERFECT. 

So tell me – will you be committing to imperfect action in 2013? Please share in the comments one imperfect action you can do TODAY to move you forward in achieving your goals. 

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Devani Freeman