Social Media + Kick Ass Ninja Moves

If you’re anything like me, when you first dive into the social world it can totally consume you! However, I quickly learned a few ninja strategies that helped me with managing my time and effectiveness on social media! Check out the video below:

Tip #1: Set up automation. This is completely out of your hands automation. Every time you post a blog post or upload a video you want it to automatically feed to your social channels. This takes one more step away from you. You can easily do this if you have a WordPress site by uploading plugins such as Networked Blogs. You can also do this on social media by uploading Youtube & Twitter applications which feed automatically. I use Involver.

Tip #2: Pre-schedule your tweets and posts to stay consistent on social media. You’re a busy, bad ass business owner and you don’t have time to hang out all day on social media! By pre-scheduling content that you have already created or mapped out, you are freeing up your time to concentrate more on interaction and engagement which is crucial to grow your tribe online! You can also hire a social media assistant to upload this content for you. It still comes from you, but having an extra hand helps!

I love using tools such as Hootsuite to pre-schedule tweets. Facebook now has the ability to pre-schedule your posts right inside your page! For creating and mapping out your content I recommend using a super cool ninja cheat sheet!

Tip #3: Be the real you! Your followers want to see the real you. They want to know your real personality. When you mix in personal life content you take that like and trust factor to the next level. People want to see real (think how popular reality TV shows are). Jump on social media 5-6 times a day for no more than 8 minutes at a time to interact & share real content.

Think about different ways during the day that you can capture the moment by simply using your smart phone and share it with your audience. Perhaps it’s a picture of your morning coffee mug? Maybe you just had a random person do something for you? Tell your audience what happened. Perhaps you made a yummy dinner? Your sister just had a baby? Capture it and send it off! Trust me, people will respond more when you share the real you. Keep in mind you don’t have to share EVERYTHING. (We don’t need to know where you’re at, at all times). There is a fine line. If you’re not comfortable letting people that far in, then keep it around food & other fun stuff that isn’t business related.

BONUS: I’ve decided to share with you the exact Social Media Publishing Cheat Sheet that I personally use on a daily basis to manage my social media marketing! I promise this will make your life online SO much easier!

Click HERE to download your FREE Cheat Sheet.

I encourage you to use it for at least one week and let me know what you think! Please comment below if you have any questions or just nice comments. Also don’t hesitate to share this post if you benefited from it!



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  1. Devani! You’re a rock star and an inspiration. LOVE the new video 🙂

    1. Thank you Staci!! xo

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