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We Understand Social Media Marketing!

Heart Centered Social is a boutique social media agency serving small business owners who are ready to hand over their marketing so they can scale their business to the next level.

We support with top level strategy, traffic and a kick ass team to implement with ease. With over 7 years of traditional and digital marketing, the Heart Centered Social team can help to transform your social media into a customer generating machine!

We help brands from local auto repair shops to online coaches to create an authentic voice and effective plan to increase business success. Our strategic and innovative strategies are customized for your unique business needs.

Heart Centered Social specializes in Facebook ads, social media content creation, Facebook growth, Instagram growth, online marketing funnels, including list-building, social media challenges, launches, and webinars.. Our done-for-you service allows you to do what you do best, while we take the care of the rest.

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The first step is to complete the application provided. Once your application is received you will be contacted within 24-72 hours to schedule a 30 minute phone appointment so we can make sure your business is a good fit for our services.

Some of our services (but not limited to):

Social Media Optimization & Branding
Just like your website, you want to make sure your social media sites are 100% optimized to give you the most exposure online. You also want a consistent image across the board so people recognize your brand. In addition we can do fun things like custom Facebook applications showcasing your business, generate leads and build engagement.

Social Content Strategy & Creative
Businesses that are doing social right have one thing in common..they have a strategy and direction with their content. You have to engage, socialize, inform and have fun to build your online community. Heart Centered Social can help you develop and create a winning strategy that your community can’t help but notice and love.

Monthly Social Media Profile Management 
If you like most business owners we work with, you feel lost when it comes to social media. Not only are you not sure you have an effective strategy, but you don’t have the time or attention to really grow your thriving audience. That is where we come in. We create content that stands out so you can grow your following and skyrocket your engagement. 

Facebook Advertising Management 
Facebook advertising is one of our sweet spots! Having your ads managed right is absolutely critical to your online success. As you know Facebook is a pay to play space. We specialize in creating ads that drive traffic, leads, brand awareness and more. We understand how ads can fit into your overall strategy and how to get the best return on your dollar.

Marketing and Sales Funnels
Your Facebook ads are only as good as your online funnel. We plan, design, build and launch highly converting sales funnels to get your the best ROI on your Facebook advertising dollars. We’ve created funnels for local and online businesses. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Emotional direct response marketing is what stops your prospective customer in their tracks. If you aren’t speaking directly to your customer in a way that makes them feel you “get them”, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. Our copywriting experts can create compelling, engaging and profitable copy for sales pages, email sequences, Facebook ads, opt-ins and more!

Brands We’ve Worked With

social media marketing management for fitness companies

What people are saying..

Before working with Heart Centered Social, our social media presence lacked the personality and values of our clinic and fell short in bringing new faces through our doors.

Our previous efforts weren’t having the impact we desired, so when Devani and her team custom-created an entirely new image, brand, and social media strategy for Spark Health, we were beyond excited. And we were right to be! Not only did our new image perfectly represent Spark Health’s values, personality, and premium services, it reflected the needs of our ideal patients.

Our content became visible, engaging, and relevant to our audience, connecting us with hundreds of perfectly matched leads. Through a combination of custom branding, curated content and targeted campaigns, our reach soared.

In six short months, our total engagement increased by over 11k % and we had consistent new patient leads monthly.

Devani’s unique combination of insight, skill, and commitment to growth make her a true expert in her field. Her team at Heart Centered Social is passionate about creating results and it shows! Spark Health now has a significant and ever-growing social media reach that connects us with dozens of new ideal patients weekly. We couldn’t be more thrilled!  – Aaron, Owner, Spark Health

Before signing on to work with Heart Centered Social, we had no social media presence or community engagement.  I reached out to Devani to help me establish our social media presence, build up great content, and inspire confidence in our prospects and users.  Devani and her team have been wonderful from the very start. Their engaging style surpassed our goals of building an online presence.   

They outlined exactly what we needed to do to build our online presence and instill user confidence in our company. We now have a very active Facebook presence and our likes are growing rapidly.  Our community of students and alumni have grown from basically zero to becoming a very important sales, retention, and lead-generation resource.

Working with Devani’s team helped us produce outstanding content, engaging posts, as well as create an active Facebook community.  If you’re looking to increase your social presence, I absolutely recommend Devani and her team. Devani knows this space very well, is fair, honest, and a great communicator. – Tony, Owner, Makeup.School

Before signing on to work with Heart Centered Social, I was flailing, trying to find direction in this whole new world of social media.  I had no following. I wasn’t even convinced I needed SM as a part of my marketing plan.  In trying to find my way in this new world, Devani’s enthusiasm and proven expertise convinced me that I was in good hands.  As someone who knows very little in this space, I valued that she is always pursuing what’s next on the horizon.

Since working with their team, we’ve gone from reaching zero to now reaching thousands. Devani and her team are extremely reliable – from reports to meetings, to posts, and projects, they always deliver above and beyond.

Heart Centered Social took the mystery out of social media and truly connected me with my clients. We not only stand out online, but they help us to generate high quality leads that convert into new customers on a monthly basis.

Now when we go into homes and businesses with our blinds business, it’s like they know us and trust us thanks to our online connection.  This trust extends to increased sales and a more satisfied customer experience. I am so grateful for Devani and the Heart Centered Social team! – Eric Bolton, Owner, Budget Blinds

Working with Devani’s team has simplified lead generating through social media! In just two weeks I increased my list by 2500 from her team’s Facebook ads and made $4,000 right away! And what is amazing is that the new leads are ALL of my ideal clients!

This led to one of my best months in business of over 100k in sales. I am grateful to have such a compassionate, proactive and loving team by my side to support the growth and expansion of my business. -Malaine Lea, Owner, Wealth + Mindset Coach

Since working with Devani I am way more relevant and popular online & on social media. My Facebook page and engagement has increased over 30% while working with Devani. Personally and professionally my business is talked about all the time and that makes clients confident.  In addition I am adding new potential clients daily to my database, all on autopilot! I love how I am able to say I have had “Devani” as a coach & mentor, because so many people recognize her name! –Sequoia Leopoid, Owner, Flawless Beauty Bars

Ever since Devani has started helping me with my social media pages, I’ve had other small business owners compliment me on the activity level and the quality of content on my pages. I’m so thankful to have Devani managing my social media outlets because she does it better than I ever could and it’s such a vital piece of growing my business. –Tova Edwards, owner, Wink Lash Extensions

When I wanted to implement a new social media strategy to grow my email list I immediately came to Devani. She’d been helping many business owners I know build quick lists and sell high priced products from her strategies. I launched my social media campaign and the results were 2,800 people in 2 weeks and 30k in sales the week after. We also sold 150 copies of my book! Absolutely recommend Devani and her team. -Shanda Sumpter, HeartCore Business

I have seen Devani Freeman in action with others and how it changed their business, so when I created an online course I needed someone who knew how to market it online. I went from 0 likes to 1,500 fans and from 0 clients to over 600 people taking my challenges and webinars. Devani’s teachings have helped me boost my bottom line! – Jennifer Taylor, The Wedding Planner Educator

I hired Devani to help me with marketing and web management for my cosmetic dermatology practice. Before I met her, I was totally clueless about how to utilize social media. From the start, it was obvious that she is an expert in this arena. She is extremely proactive, knowledgeable, and full of ideas when it comes to Internet marketing. She set up our Facebook fan page, ran a contest to help us increase our Facebook exposure, and helped us shoot video content for our website and YouTube account. 

Since working with Devani we have gone from zero YouTube views to over 10,200! Devani also has many ideas to help cross-market with other businesses that have a similar customer demographic. Devani is very reliable and responsive whenever we have questions or concerns. She is truly a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to expand his or her business! -Diane Chiu, M.D. Owner, Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center

Devani helped my State Farm Agency get well equipped and organized to market effectively on the major Social Media Platforms. Her expertise in marketing and strong business acumen allowed me to form a successful plan that is working. I would recommend her services to anyone who is serious about plunging into the deep blue waters of building an image over the internet. And as you can see by her presence on these platforms she practices what she preaches. –Patrick Fitzgerald, Owner, Patrick Fitzgerald State Farm Agent

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