My Review of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Event

We we all have our own perception of what success looks like. For most of us success is measured by money & material items. Why is that? Have you ever taken a step back and really reached inside to find a deeper meaning of success?

I had the most amazing experience to do that along with hundreds of other people from around the world at the Unstoppable Event.. I don’t think many of us knew exactly what we where in for….Jonathan Budd took the meaning of success and freedom to a whole different level at the Unstoppable Event. This event has definitely made a mark in my life. I have a new vision on my life purpose and for that I am extremely grateful.

One of my favorite parts was learning the foundation for being in control and unstoppable is power. To be powerful you need to set clear intentions in all areas of your life including body/health, financial, environment, self awareness, community, relationships, knowledge/learning, and contribution/purpose.

When you are in tune with all areas and have set your intentions you will have increased you energy, power, strength and fulfillment. To complete this exercise we all made our own individual life map on poster board. On this map you clearly write out your goals and vision in each section of business, relationship, health, contribution and spirituality. I now have my goals and intentions clearly mapped out and posted on my wall so I can read every single day!

I also had my intentions running around in my head and I would write it down here and there, but never actually put it all together in a Life Map to really be able to visualize and read everyday. I think this is so powerful.

My other favorite part was meeting all of the talented and amazing entrepreneurs that I have been friends with online for some time now. There is nothing like laughing, hugging, and dancing with my online community. I don’t think I have had so much talent in one room!! I always suggest attending all of the live events that you can. My network is growing with such high integrity, like-minded, and positive people. I truly feel blessed to know the people that I do.

To YOUR unstoppable success!



5 responses to “My Review of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Event”

  1. Devani, you have just learned or at least posted the true meaning of success.
    It is all about balance in our lives. NOT just about possessions.
    You are clearly a great leader.
    Success my friend.

  2. Thanks for the video Devani! It brought back some good memories of the event. What a great time…

  3. Great post and video. So great meeting you! Let me know when you are back down in So. Cal! I need to go that event!!!

    1. Thanks girl! For sure!

  4. I saw jonathan budd in a video with jeffery combs so I just found out about him. Pretty great stuff. Awesome stuff girly!

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