More New Changes for Facebook: What This Means for Your Business

What would the new year be without a few changes, right? Facebook seems to agree. Not long ago, they announced that starting in January organic reach for businesses would plummet to less than 1 percent.

That means that businesses who depend on Facebook to get their message out to their customers are going to have to ante up and start paying for Facebook ads.

This news is a huge game-changer for small business entrepreneurs.

Experts said that it wouldn’t be long before Facebook would sieze the opportunity to turn a profit off of small businesses who use the platform to promote their products and build their following, and while larger businesses will generally be better able to absorb these new expenses, smaller businesses may suffer.

As much as I love Facebook, (and you all know how much I love Facebook!) it may be time to branch out onto other social media platforms and build up your following there as well.

You know the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” The same is true for your social media presence.

Different people prefer different social media platforms, so to truly reach as many people as possible you need to be where they are. Some of my other favorite platforms are Instagram, TwitterPinterest and  Youtube. Each of these platforms offers users different ways to reach their target audience.

Starting out I would recommend focusing your efforts on ONE social channel. This is what I did with Facebook. I spent years mastering this platform and it is the main driver of where a lot of my business comes from.

I am now putting a strong focus on Instagram as I believe the future for that is big!

With that being said, you of course don’t want to ditch Faceook all-together. I mean you’ve worked hard to build your following and they are depending on you to keep providing the great content they have grown accustomed to seeing. My advice here is to play around with Facebook ads and see exactly how they will serve your business best.

Try making use of all of the great tools Facebook provides in order to better target your prospective clients. For example, when someone Likes your page or post, their friends can see that interaction and will be more inclined to Like you as well because they trust their friend’s opinions, likes, and dislikes.

You can also make use of a strategy called hypertargeting, where you simply search for people with a given criteria. Say you want to target women who are interested in yoga. You simply enter that criteria into your Facebook ad as you are generating it and Facebook does the rest. It’s an incredibly efficient way to reach your target audience and get the most for your money.

So what do you think of Facebook’s new policy? What are your questions or concerns? Leave me a message in the comments below and let’s continue the conversation.

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