Marketing on Pinterest Part 3: 5 Tips to Pinterest Prowess

We’ve talked about what Pinterest is, how it works, and how to get started using it. We’ve also chatted about WHY Pinterest matters. So today, let’s jump into best practices for honing your Pinterest prowess!

Here’s my 5 Quick Tips for making the most of Pinterest:

1.  Your Profile!

Can your Pinterest followers easily connect with you outside of Pinterest?

Not sure?  Then it’s time to complete your Pinterest profile. Like Twitter, your bio (with your website link!) can be the difference between a new website visit or not.

To get started with your Pinterest profile description, put your cursor over your profile picture and name at the top right hand corner of your screen.  Then, scroll down and choose “settings.”  Here you can provide an “about”, your geographic location, a link to your Facebook profile and a link to your Twitter.  Here too, you can choose to add Pinterest to your Facebook.

When you’re finished, don’t forget to save all changes at the bottom of the page.

2. Categorize Your Boards.

When you “pin” something new you can add that pin to an existing board, or you can create a new board.  Creating new boards is great because it is helpful to your followers, however, done incorrectly you can lose out on a ton of traffic.  When you create new boards, always be sure to categorize them.  When your boards are UN-categorized, they will NOT show up in Pinterest’s category directory.

Not sure if all of your boards have been categorized? Click on the individual board and edit it.  Here you will have the ability to add the board to a Pinterest category.

3.  Think before you Pin.

As social media platforms improve, it is becoming easier and easier to scroll back and find older posts, comments, pictures and so on.  Consider the Facebook Timeline.  With Timeline, you can scroll back through your years in a matter of seconds.  Yikes! Do you want people reading the comments you wrote in 2008? Who were you back then?

The same is true of Pinterest. Your old pins don’t disappear.  Followers can and will scroll down through an entire board.  Be mindful and pin accordingly. It is best to focus on pinning the finest possible content for each of your boards.

4.  Make it Easy for Others to Pin Your work!

If you want website followers to pin your articles, make it easy, and add a pin-it button to your blog posts or website.

Adding the pin-it button to your website is important because it can help bring massive amounts of traffic to your site.  Checking in on your most “pinned” articles can also be a way for you to track the articles your followers most enjoy.

To see the content readers are pinning from your site, type – into your browser and see what images come up.

5. Get Creative!

A big reason why Pinterest is so fun and is growing so quickly, is because it taps into our creativity.  With each board we create and showcase another piece of our unique life.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, or “the board!” For example, if you’re working with a team on a project, create a Pinterest board where everyone can pin ideas they want to bring to the table.

Brainstorm ways that you can bring the social into this fun new social network!

Let me know how these tips work for you! Happy Pinning!


To your social success,

Devani Freeman


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