Marie just opened B-School

I am SO excited for the doors to be open for Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy and Hot B-School. So I have been following Marie for quite some time now. She is by far one of the most brilliant marketers out there. She is real and authentic and educates on what really works for marketing your business.

I have learned so much from her with just her free weekly videos. B-School takes it to a whole other level.

I am not sure if you can relate to this,  I love what I do with serving entrepreneurs with one on one marketing and social media coaching along with social media management for local businesses. But, I am at the point where I don’t have any more time to give, yet I want to increase my profits. How do I do that?

Well the best way to do that is to leverage yourself through an online business. You have the ability to sell your products and services 24/7 to people all over the world. I KNOW I am meant to have a big impact like that, are you?  The thing is there is a lot of people jumping online these days. How do you make sure you are above the noise and attract and connect with the right people who love what you have to offer? B-School teaches this!

Watch Marie Forleo’s two videos here. This videos alone will teach you SO much!

Video #1

Video #2

So long story short I have decided now is the time for me to enroll and embark on fine turning my business model, marketing strategy, mindset and more. I want to PERSONALLY invite you to join with me! Let me tell you, I have done my research on this program. I have actually met and have had phone conversations with several gals that went through the program and they ALL said they got a return on their investment plus more!

This program is for you if:

If you are not happy with the amount of money you are making right now

You are not satisfied with your current level of influence & impact in the world

Your income is inconsistent

You have too few of customers

Your business model puts a cap on your income and time

Not sure where to get started online, hire out, etc?

You know you are meant to do great things and you want to share your message with the world.

Bonus for you!

So I encourage you to join me in this amazing program. You can get all the details on the program and enrolling here. I appreciate your loyalty as a reader and subscriber . I am offering anyone who enrolls in B-School 4 one on one social media coaching sessions with me personally. Social Media in depth is not covered in the program so you will be armed and loaded for major success when you are done!

My mission is similar to Marie’s. To help and support women entrepreneurs all over the world to share their passion and get paid through the internet!

Here is the link again. Send me an email after you enroll and we can connect over the phone! Deadline for registration is May 25th so get a move on it!

P.S. Even if you can’t enroll at this time I still encourage you to watch the videos, you will get a lot out of it!

To your success,

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