How to manifest quicker results in your business

What are you desiring right now?

More clients? More money? More support in business?

Let’s help you manifest that quicker!

I am going to tell you how, but you might not like me because it’s actually super simple – you may think it’s “too easy” so you won’t actually do it. But let me tell you – IT WORKS.

Here you go:

Step #1: Create an affirmation around what you desire. Example: I am easily attracting high paying clients right now.

Step #2: Write it out 15-20 times.

Then close your eyes for 5 minutes and feel yourself attracting high paying clients.

What does she look like? How does it feel to receive the money? Feel the flow of clients easily finding you.

DO this for as many days as it takes for you to receive guidance and downloads from the Universe to align with this desire.

I used this strategy recently for more clarity around a certain business project. I had been feeling blocked for a week.

I started to get frustrated so I took out my journal and put these steps into action.

The next day something clicked with a conversation I had and I received the clarity that I asked for.

I’m actually seeing a BIGGER vision.

But don’t think this will always happen that quickly.

If you desire something, but it’s not in complete alignment, meaning deep down you don’t feel worthy or believe that you can really have it, you’ll receive guidance on the work that needs to be done.

Stay patient, open, and listen.

Be willing to do the work and look at the lessons.

This works if you do the work!

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©2024 Devani Freeman

Devani Freeman