Linkedin 101: Setting Up & Optimizing Your Profile

The first question you may ask is who is on LinkedIn? Is it worth my time and energy? My advise is YES! You can find a lot of great business connections on LinkedIn. Whether you’re a job seeker, consultant, entrepreneur or happily employed, LinkedIn can be an incredible asset for your career. You can connect to over 85 million professionals in over 200 countries around the world. This is a great social media network to add into your daily usage.

Creating a killer profile is very crucial getting the most out of LinkedIn. Your goal is not only to get it 100% complete but also to fill with as many keywords about your industry or profession as you can. Don’t forget information about  your current position, a few past positions, education information, background/experiences, a good professional profile photo,  and at least three recommendations.

Watch my video below for some extra optimization tips that have allowed me to be ranked high for Attraction Marketing and Network Marketing!

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One response to “Linkedin 101: Setting Up & Optimizing Your Profile”

  1. Great advise, best LinkedIn one I have seen, thanks Devani! I have now done some of this and it works, it helped me a get a few recent plaintiff’s in our “mass joinder” mortgage fraud lawsuit against all the big banks. So it works for all sorts of businesses is why I point this out. I added my capture page rather than corp site! Definitely do this training, you will be glad you did! Keep it up Devani you are great:)

    Keep dreaming big,
    Tom Self

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