How do you handle competitors in business

How to you handle competitors in business?

This week I wanted to dish out the real deal about business competitors.

The thing is there is ALWAYS going to be someone who either does exactly what you do, or something similar to you.

Perhaps they have the same type of clients or they offer similar products?

I know that the thought has crossed your mind on if you should even do what you do when “so and so” is already doing it? How do I compete with that?

Before you know it, you’re second guessing yourself and your business.

The answer: you don’t!

Here’s the deal..there is always going to be enough business to go around. In addition there is not another YOU anywhere!

You have got to shift to that mindset.

Think about it:

  • It’s great news knowing that there are other people in your same industry and that every time your husband doubts you, you can prove that this stuff works!
  • You have an example of someone to follow and stay inspired from. Seek out successful people in your industry and ask to mentor with them.
  • You can connect with people from all over the world with social media in your same field to learn, grow and mastermind with each other to shorten the learning curve.

This all reminds me of the time that I was doing some major research in my business. I was looking to get even more lazer focused on my offerings and services so I targeted a few key people in my industry that were very similar in where I wanted my business to go.

I sent them a love note and asked if I could privately interview them. Did they say yes? Of course! So here I was, talking with these very successful mentors serving the same clients as me.

They shared everything from their struggles to what is working now and how they run their company. It’s because they understood that they don’t have any competition. That even if you share your inner secrets, no one will ever be exactly like them.

They had the mindset that everyone needs to be helped and served and the more we work together the more we can become successful and free!

My lesson in closing: LOVE your competition. BE your own unique self. NEVER compare yourself to others.

How to deal with business competitors

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