How to get more comments on your blog posts

In today’s Dish with Devani episode  I want to talk about how to get more comments on your blog posts and answer the following question: should you even have comments open if you’re not getting a lot of interaction?

In conclusion, my answer to that is absolutely.

The reason why people probably aren’t commenting is because you need to include a call to action or a question at the end of your blog post or video.

You need to tell direct people to what you want them to do and answer. At the end of every blog post or video that I make, I always end it with a relatable question, which encourages dialogue.

Even if a lot of your blog posts don’t have comments that really doesn’t matter. Don’t worry…people aren’t going to judge you based on that. I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs that are leaders in the industry who have large followings, but they don’t get a lot of comments on their posts.

The reason why you want to leave the comments open is so that people know they can easily reach you if they have a question or they want to share their opinion. For your next blog post what can you create that’s going to end with a relatable call to action?

In the comments below, I want you to add your latest blog post along with a question. I’ll look it over and jump on to your blog and comment on it for you. This is a great opportunity to get exposure and meet like-minded women in my community. It’ll also be a lot of fun!



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  1. Great advice as usual Devani! In my latest blog(actually a video post), I outline the top 5 changes you can make to your website quickly to convert visitors:
    My question to the audience is what are some additional tweaks/changes would you recommend in addition to my top five especially if you’ve made these changes and they have worked well for you.

  2. Hey Devani! Here is my latest blog post:
    Yep, no comments…big surprise! Loved your video today! I have been wondering this very same thing for a long time now. I love having interaction on my blog but just can’t seem to get people to comment! Thanks for the info!

  3. Here is my blog:

    What is the best way to generate ideas and write blogs? I often get stumped when on the spot what to write. Do you also use PLRs (i think that’s what the name is)?
    Thanks 🙂 Kim

  4. My most recent blog post:

    I have one pretty regular commentor and I know more are reading, but I’m trying to get more engagement going. I already have a call to action/question at the end of my posts. So, it seems like one or two commentors is all I’ll get out of my current audience. What would you suggest for increasing exposure for a relatively new blog, besides registering with search engines and sharing on social media?

    1. Amy your blog is great! My mom actually has suffered with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia for years so I can relate. Try adding the words COMMENT BELOW, right after your question for an even stronger action. For increasing exposure I recommend sending your blogs out in a newsletter to your database which links to your website. Also I love using Facebook ads to give blog posts an extra pop of exposure. You don’t need a big budget and can get great traction!

      1. Devani,

        I’ve started adding a comment below request to my recent posts and I do have a weekly blog newsletter (but my list is really small being a new blog). I haven’t tried Facebook ads. I’ll look into it. Thanks! 🙂

        1. Great! Let me know if you have any questions about Facebook Ads!

    2. Also Amy I just tried to comment on your blog and it looks like your comments are turned off?

  5. hello devani! great tips…i find that i get my comments on my facebook page – and not my blog – thanks for reading!
    p.s. love your tips!

    latest blogpost…

    1. Thanks for sharing Elena!! Facebook engagement is good, but see what you can do to inspire your readers to take action on your blog!

      1. hmmm…any suggestions? i do ask a question…and then ask them to post in the comments…

        1. Ok, maybe make it more clear like “post in the comments on my blog”. Also running some sort of giveaway to get people to comment can be fun? It all about getting your audience used to commenting on your blog!

  6. I love how generous you are with your tips. I’m definitely going to be implementing them. Thanks a bunch

    1. You bet! Thanks for stopping by!

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