How to Blog Consistently

Do you struggle with blogging consistently? Perhaps you hate to write and often find yourself avoiding the task? Well today I’m going to share with you some simple tips to keep you accountable and blogging…consistently!

The first tip is to carve out writing time regularly in your schedule. This is a time where you can sit down and really focus on writing. By carving out this time (and this could be a half day or full day chunk) you are allowing yourself the opportunity to get “in the zone”.

Secondly, plan out a time for a consistent “brain dump”. This should be about once a week where you can sit down and get all of your ideas down on paper. Even if it doesn’t make sense, you just want to get it all out (bookmarked articles, blog post ideas, etc.) as this can lead to great content creation.

Always keep a running list. This could be on your phone (I use the Evernote App) where you can jot down ideas on the go. Be sure to capture those thoughts and ideas as they come to you!

Schedule your blog posts in advance. I use a separate Google calendar that is just for scheduling blog posts. You can map out ahead of time exactly what you want to talk about for the upcoming weeks. You can even add all of the info for the blog post directly into the calendar to keep things well organized.

Finally, do you hate to write? The good news here is that you don’t have to! There are a few different options for you. First, you could do something similar to what I do which is vlogging, or video blogging. With vlogging, you can simply create the video blog and then turn the video over to a virtual assistant to be turned into a blog post.

The second idea is you can take just 10 or 15 minutes to share your thoughts with Dragon Dictation, a voice recognition software that will take your spoken words and turn them into text. Voila! A simple way to get your thoughts into a written blog post.

I hope you enjoyed today’s tips on blogging consistently and will put them into place for your content strategy this year. If you have any additional questions or suggestions I would love to hear them! Please use the comment section below to join in the conversation.

As always, if you found this article useful please share it with a friend. Here’s to your success and updating your status to superstar in 2013! 



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  1. LeKeisha Lopez Avatar
    LeKeisha Lopez

    Great post! I use Evernote and LOVE IT! Also brain dumping is very useful to get those ideas out of your head and into a place where you can refer back to it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good ideas, Devani 🙂 I like the idea of brain dumping especially!

    1. Thanks Violet!

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