How to Grow Your Network with Facebook Groups

Here’s the deal, your network is your net worth! If you want to succeed in business and in life, you must have a strong network and support system. I LOVE leveraging social media to build my network and support system.

With Facebook groups you can establish key relationships and stay top of mind in front of your ideal audience. Facebook groups are exploding as the organic reach and engagement on pages is declining.

If you aren’t using Facebook groups to grow your network, this video is exactly what you need to discover relevant groups for you.

Think about what groups would be relevant for you?

Here are groups I focus on:

  1. Groups my target audience hangs out in
  2. Groups that my peers and referral partners hang out in
  3. Groups around hobbies or things that light me up (this is where you can find amazing friends, I’ve met some of my best friends from social media!)
  4. Local group (this one is KEY, always start with building your audience locally as you will establish stronger relationships more quickly)

Watch the video below on how to find these groups!


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