How to Grow Your Email List with Online Challenges

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the amazing Melissa Moss, a digital marketing strategist who hosts a show called “The Funnel Formula: How to Automate Your Sales and Set Yourself Free”.

I was grateful to have this chance to talk about some of my favorite strategies that I have found to be the most effective when building my business and working with hundreds of online entrepreneurs.

Below is a recap and video interview.

The #1 mistake coaches make when building their business online is not having an audience. You can market all day long but if no one is there to listen you’re just wasting your time. Most entrepreneurs want to wait until they have a fancy website or brand.

No start NOW!

The first step in building your business is to build your audience. In the video, I go into depth on the different audience building strategies available and the ones that worked well when I was starting out as a new entrepreneur.

They key to a loyal audience is authenticity.

One of the strategies I teach (and probably one of the most important) is authenticity. I always say, people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

You build this level of trust by being authentic in your social media presence. The more people get to know the real you, the more they will trust you and want to do business with you.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! You also need to find that delicate balance between posting sales content and posting personal content. The right formula will boost your business beyond measure.

The top mistake I see coaches make when marketing their business is too much selling on social. You know that company that is constantly posting things like “Check out our latest sale” or “We’ve got the best prices in town”?

Constantly posting salesy, shameless promotional posts is a huge turn off. Marketing has evolved with the social media age. People want to connect with you on somewhat of a personal level.

They don’t want to be sold to, they want to be communicated with and feel as if they are part of the conversation, not just a dollar sign. Keep promotional posts to a minimum. Tell a story with your posts and draw people into your business.

Another key point to keep in mind is that people can’t connect to a logo. You are not a logo, you are a person. Use YOUR image throughout your social media platforms so people can relate a face to your brand.

This brings a human element to your business that may otherwise be lacking. Build relationships with your tribe and I assure you, the sales will come.

Top 3 Thing You Should Have in Place to Achieve Freedom in Your Business

You don’t have to have everything in your business totally figured out to create freedom, but you do have to have these 3 things:

• A Killer Free Offer: My personal favorite is online challenges. They are easy and effective and people love a good challenge! You’re bringing someone through a journey for a set amount of time and they get a feel for what it’s like to work with you. This is a great opportunity to build a rapport with a potential client.
• Have an Email Marketing Strategy in Place: A good rule of thumb is to connect with your audience at least once a week through email to help build that relationship with someone who sees value in what you have to offer and wants to learn more.
• Speak to Your Followers as if They Were Your Friends: Remember, modern marketing is centered around relationships. You need to take the time to build solid relationships with your tribe if you want to earn their trust and eventually their business.

My Tips For Running an Amazing Challenge

You know I love to run a good challenge and firmly believe this is an excellent way to jump start growth in your business. It has allowed me to create 5 figure launches and teach others on how to do the same.

I’ve seen lots of different types of challenge strategies out there and these are my top take-aways when building a challenge for your business:

• Consider What Your Ideal Client Wants: They key here is to listen to your potential clients and then deliver what they are asking for. Again, be the solution to their problem and offer them options.
• Make the Challenge Easy to Complete:  Keep things manageable for your tribe members. If a challenge is too costly or too time consuming people will either quit or not participate in the first place. You want them to not only finish the challenge but feel good about themselves in the process. Then they will be ready to take the next step which is making a purchase from your website.
• Running Your Daily Challenges on Facebook Live: There’s no better way to connect with your tribe than by going live. Facebook Live offers an amazing, free platform for you to be able to (in a closed group if you want a bit more privacy) connect with your challengers and show them how truly authentic you are. This also gives you an opportunity to answer questions on the spot which is super helpful.

Turning Your Challenge Into Your Offer

During your challenge, you want to be planting the seed for your upcoming offer. Make sure this is subtle and not salesy. One strategy I use is to hold a webinar or conference call shortly after the challenge to connect with my challengers and present my offer as their next step in growing their business.

Understanding the Importance of Social Media When Building Your Business

There are lots of different pieces to the marketing pie that you want to have in place in order to market your business effectively and efficiently. Social media definitely plays a key role in a successful marketing strategy.

Social media is an easy and inexpensive way to get your name out there and connect with millions of other people without leaving the comfort of your home. Through the effective use of social media you can expand the impact you make on those in your circle tenfold.

Top 3 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Make More Money

• Generate Leads: Use social media to build connections and create a network of people who are interested in your products and services. This helps generate leads for you to follow up on and eventually leads to sales.
• Use Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads are a great way to spread the word about your product or service without spending a fortune. You also have the capability to really pinpoint your audience so your ads are more effective and create a higher level of conversion.
• Create Facebook Groups: Facebook Groups give you high visibility and immediately presents you as the subject matter expert because you are the one running the group. They help you build a deeper connection with your followers and that, again, helps bring in business.

Paid Versus Organic Marketing

Facebook is great because it gives you options. Options are what lead to success in business. You can opt for either paid or organic marketing on Facebook and I’ll explain the difference for you.
Paid Facebook Marketing: Paid marketing is exactly what it says. This is where you purchase marketing from Facebook through the use of Facebook Ads.
Organic Facebook Marketing: Organic marketing is where you simply post consistently on your business page and you rely on word of mouth and others to share your posts in order to gain visibility.

When you use paid marketing you will build your following on your Facebook fan page and increase visibility much more effective than relying on organic reach alone, however, you will also have some organic reach, especially if you are using the Facebook Live option.

Common Pitfalls of Facebook Ads

You don’t have to be a marketing guru to be able to use Facebook Ads for your business, however, it does help to have a few hints from the experts. Here are a few mistakes you will want to avoid when using Facebook Ads:

• Not Having Your Pixel Installed Correctly: I highly recommend that everyone create and download their Facebook Pixel and put it on their website so you can track people who click and hit on your website for retargeting purposes.
• Putting Too Much Text in Your Images: Facebook has strict regulations on what percentage of your image can contain text, so be sure you are following those guidelines or your ads will not be approved. Use your image to create an emotional connection with your audience and save the copy for the body of the ad.
• Use Colors That Stand Out: Definitely try to stay away from the “Facebook blue” color when creating your ads. Use colors like reds, yellows or oranges that are going to stand out.

5 Day Build Your Audience Challenge

If all of this sounds fascinating and you want to learn more about building your audience, join in on my 5 Day Build Your Audience Challenge.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn some of my key social media marketing strategies as well as have some fun learning the ins and outs of how I run my challenges.

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