Facebook Timeline for Business Pages- What You Need to Know

As March came to a close, Facebook Business Pages got a facelift. The new look? Timeline! With all business pages officially moved over to Timeline on March 30th, it’s important you know how to best utilize your page and the new features. This video will walk you through these important changes. I’ll show you the key features you need to know about, best practices for customizing your page, and some tips for creating an engaging and effective Business Page…with just a few clicks of the mouse!

The Layout:
The first thing you may notice about the new layout is that the Default Reveal Tab is now gone. The good news is that you still have a tab with it’s own unique URL. I recommend purchasing a domain or creating a unique URL from your site with this unique URL.  Add this to your website, email signature and marketing materials so you can drive new ‘likes’ to your Facebook page. Dimensions for this tab are 810 pixels wide.

The Cover image:
My favorite feature of the new layout is the Cover image. The Cover image is 851 X 315. While you cannot openly market particular services or products on this cover image and no website links or URLs are permitted (see page guidelines here) you can use this space to make a powerful statement about your brand.

Some of my favorites:

Creative Marketing (featuring a client):
Ovaleye::Cloud Services


The Power Chicks

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your Cover image. It’s a great space to showcase your brand in a fun and unique way!

New profile image:
The new profile image is 180×180. My tip: avoid using logos when you can. People want to connect and relate with a person, even if you sell a product.

Thumbnails for apps:
The new thumbnails are 111 X 74 pixels. You can have up to 12 applications. Use these thumbnails to create calls to action and consistent branding with a custom box. Use Picnik.com to edit image size yourself.

New Features:

Messages: Facebook users who do not ‘like’ your page can send messages to page admins now (be sure to check your admin dashboard regularly)

Highlight Post: Highlighting a post allows your post to stand out in your timeline and stretch across your entire timeline page. You can highlight as many posts as you want at a time. Things you may want to highlight are milestones in your business, new videos or perhaps a post that received a lot of comments. To enable, click on the star on your post.

Pin Post: This allows you to feature your most important content or post on the top of your page for as long as 7 days. You can only pin one post at a time. This feature is great to highlight an offer, special content or perhaps an event!

Another new option is you can now change the name of your Facebook page where before you could not. You can’t change the URL but you can change the name.

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