Facebook 101: Understanding The News Feed

Check out my quick video on explaining how the Facebook News Feed works and the options for customizing! There are two main functions. Did you know that one is actually similar to how Google works? Check it out!

Facebook News Feed option #1: Top News

This option is used by most. This is the option that is similar to how Google works with analytics. Facebook uses metrics. It is the most relevant content for your personal page. My top news is completely different than your top news. This is going to show people that have a lot of action going on.

Facebook News Feed option #2: Most Recent

This option shows up to date time line posts. You will see all of your friends as they are posting in live time. This is good for chatting with people that are online at that moment.

I personally like to toggle between both. The first option is usually my favorite but switching to most recent gives me a whole new set of friends to interact with. As your friend base increases and you are building more relationships,  you will probably find it easier to do the same.

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