Entrepreneurship is SCARY! Here’s how I handle the fear…

Here’s the thing, being an entrepreneur is scary! But not to fear, because being a good entrepreneur is supposed to be terrifying. The amazing Brene Brown said it so well in her TED talk, “Vulnerability is the birthplace for innovation, creativity and change.”

Everyday as you move forward in your business you are required to be vulnerable.

Entrepreneurs face fear each day, but it’s the successful ones who thrive in the face of it, who are willing to risk and be vulnerable even if it scares them to death.

In this day and age, it is required that you take risks in order to succeed. You must take action that sets yourself apart from the crowds and yes, that can be terrifying!

Here are my 3 tips to help you thrive when you are terrified…

1. People WILL judge you and that’s OK! Give them the permission to do so. Accept the fact that no matter what you do, not everyone is going to like it…or like you. If you approach a situation knowing this, you not only give others permission to their opinions but you give yourself permission to stop sacrificing YOU in order to be likeable.

2. Set your own terms for success and stop measuring it through other people’s expectations. When it comes to being an entrepreneur you have to trust yourself. First, define what success means to you and then TRUST yourself to achieve it in your own way. There will always be voices telling you that you are doing something the wrong way…or how to do things “right”. To succeed, you have to stop comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs and trying to do things just like them.

3. Welcome the fear. Expect that there will be scary times in your journey and welcome the fear with open arms. Remember, if you don’t feel frightened in your business occasionally than you are playing too small! Fear is a necessary part of growth so embrace it and know that those feelings of being scared just means you are on the right track!

Alright, now it’s your turn! Leave a comment below telling me how fear and vulnerability have played a role in your journey of entrepreneurship AND what you have found helpful in dealing with these feelings.


5 responses to “Entrepreneurship is SCARY! Here’s how I handle the fear…”

  1. Fear is a big one..for sure Devani. I press thru because I use visioneering to press thru the challenging stuff. Network marketing is a numbers game and it may take 20 No’s to get two yes’s. When I get stuck becasue the rejections can seem personal… I picture myself where I want to be next year at this time and use the vision with affirmations to keep sharing my business. Especially when I get the response, “How did you get my number, I hate you solicitors, take me off your list.” Alrighty then…NEXT…………

    Also, 100% belief in your business and or product aligned with the passion can press thru those fears too!! When WE have something of value that can change lives…just continue to BELIEVE!!
    Thank you Devani You are an inspiration to many!!!
    Denice MacKenzie

    1. Yes without 100% belief the fear will hold you back! I too use affirmations! Love it Denice! Thank you for your wisdom 🙂

  2. Hope you don’t mind but I reposted this on my blog barkingpugs.wordpress.com
    Such great inspiration for Day 4 of The Entrepreneur ‘n Training. That’s me.
    hugs, Linda

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