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This weeks Dish with Devani episode is a fun one! In the video below I am interview Pure Barre Owner Sami Sweeney. Sami is a young (only 24) successful business owner who has turned her passion into her business! This is my fourth week on my personal health lifestyle change. I am using Pure Barre 2-3 times a week and all I can say is..WOW! This workout is amazing! One of the best classes I have experienced for fun fast-paced full body toning & sculpting. If you have not heard of the Pure Barre method be sure to read below and check out the video!

Let’s break down the interview!

What is Pure Barre? 55 minute music driven workout technique using ballet conditioning, pilates core work and muscle shaping isometric movements to target every major muscle group in the body. It is fast paced, intense but yet no jarring of the joints as it is all low impact!

Did you always know you where going to be a business owner/entrepreneur? No, Sami actually thought she would be in corporate America working in the Financial Industry. When she started getting more involved with teaching Pure Barre she become more aware of possible business opportunities to be able to keep doing what she loves and profit! She gave everything to make it happen and she did!

One major business challenge that you face? Time Management! Creating your own structure with multiple locations is a challange. Prioritizing business and personal time. Finding that balance.

Solution? Mapping out her week in advanced with a very detailed calendar, also she relies heavily on her team support. She has learned to delegate more.

Do you face challenges being a young female business owner? Yes, with being young she is often compensating by giving people more information of her background and experience, where someone ten years older would probably not have to give out as much information. Being female has been more in her favor. Sami has noticed in shift in the amount of female business owners that are emerging, specially in the fitness industry. Women tend to collborate more then men so her support system is strong and has been more beneficial

What is most rewarding with being a business owner: Inspiring people to push physically and mentally. Getting testimonals. Being in control of developing teaching, time management. Sami believes she works much harder for herself then she would or has for any organization.

What is your best marketing method: #1 is Social Media. Social Media has been for spreading the word, letting people see who we are and what we do. #2 is Word of mouth. Clients and our team members are amazing with sharing their excitement and results for Pure Barre.

Future of Pure Barre: Expanding of number of studios and awareness. Current goal is to spread brand awareness. She would also consider a 3rd studio once the client base has grown.

To connect with Pure Barre on Facebook visit Pure Barre Bellevue and Pure Barre Seattle pages. You may also follow them on Twitter.

Thanks for turning in to the newest edition of Dish with Devani! Stay tuned for more fun episodes, social media tips, tricks and tactics!

To YOUR Success,

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3 responses to “Dish With Devani ~ Young Female Entrepreneurs”

  1. What a great interview! I love that young women everywhere are rising up and becoming successful business owners 🙂 I’m definitely going to try that kind of exercise! We have something like that around my house. Good job!

    1. Thanks girl! Yes SUCH an amazing workout!

  2. Great “Dish with Devani” interview, thanks for sharing Pure Barre concept to better utilize the one hour at the gym! Good insight from Sami on her new venture and plans.
    Best wishes

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