Dish with Devani Episode #4: How to Create Dishful Content!

Welcome to another addition of Dish with Devani! If your new to my dishes, don’t be alarmed. They can be somewhat funny, nerdy, goofy or just plain weird! For this episode I answered a question that I hear a lot which is how to create content. Whether you are blogging, vlogging or article marketing it is easy to run out ideas for creating content. I put together a few simple tricks that have worked well for me to be able to come up with new content!

Dishful content creating tip # 1

Made a list of the top questions that you get asked about in your business. It could be simple how to’s to something more in depth with mind set or strategies. The more value you provide in helping someone else in their business or to make the right choice about working with you the better!

Dishful content creating tip # 2

Key word research! Research what people are searching for in your industry! Go to, click on “Get Key Word Ideas”, type in several key words that have to do with your products and/or services. From there you can see how many times people are searching for that key word as well as the competition for that word or phrase. Chose about 10 high ranked key words and create content around that.

Dishful content creating tip # 3

CLEANING!! Clear your mind, put on some tunes, and let the ideas flow!!! (Make sure to watch my turbo cleaning action in the video!)

Dishful content creating tip # 4

Leverage other people’s content. Every big idea is usually a creating from something we heard or saw from someone else. I love to get ideas from someone else’s content  to form it into some completely unique to me. I also will take books or other people articles and write content that features them! One gal that is a complete master at creating awesome content is my girl Rachael MacGregor. Her stuff is always fresh and very helpful!

If you still need more help I sometimes use PRL’s, which are articles already written that you can purchase and have full rights too. I recommend using them as a outline but adding in your own content and flair!

Once you create this awesome content you want to share it with others. One of the best ways I have seen is to join a tribe where you have a sale force of other people sharing your content! I just recently partnered with some amazing people in Tribe Pro! Check it out!

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2 responses to “Dish with Devani Episode #4: How to Create Dishful Content!”

  1. Devani, a great dish served up today, thank you.
    You offer up some great advice and ideas.
    Keep them coming my friend, great job.
    Continued success,

  2. Hey Girl! Great Video…..and if you needs some ideas come over and clean anytime 🙂 We are living in Costa Rica right now so it won’t be that bad…lol.
    Surfing is equal to us!!!
    Thanks for your value!
    Tanya Links

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