Dish with Devani Episode #2

Here is another dish for you, I hope you find it useful! In the video below I answer the question that I get the a lot from my clients. Most of my clients are small business owners that are usually juggling a few different tasks so their time is very limited. I talk about two tools that I recommend using for social media. These tools will not only help you with time management, but also management of several social sites. Not to mention staying on top of your profile by being alerted when someone mentions you in their tweet or post. Hope you enjoy!

My two favorite tools are SocialOomph and Hootsuite. Both of these tools are free! If you are managing more then one social media account I recommend SocialOomph as you can easily manage several social profiles, blogs, and more. Both allow you to pre-schedule posts which is super helpful! Hootsuite also has a handy app which you can use on the go! If you have any questions about either of these tools, please comment!

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3 responses to “Dish with Devani Episode #2”

  1. Devani, great blog, fantastic information.
    I like the short Dish with Devani snips
    Very informative and helpful.
    Looking forward to following your successes.
    Keep up the great work,
    Ken Pringle

    1. Thank you Ken!

  2. Great post Devani! I love SocialOomph!
    I have not used Hootsuite so I will explore it.
    Thank you

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