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August is a great month to take a step back and dive into your systems (or lack thereof) in your biz. I know you want to knock September out of the park!

I have started to implement more systems to streamline my business and I have some great tips and resources for you! BUT, before we dive in this month I have a confession to make! There is something I have been hiding and I just can’t leave it ignored any longer. Click below to watch!


1) My goal is for my inbox to reach 100 emails by SEPTEMBER 1st, 2012

2) I will be implementing organization strategies and setting time to get my inbox to 100!

3) Share with me your tips and tricks to email management. Help keep me accountable!

Are you struggling with email overwhelm? Join me in this challenge and we can do it together! Post your comments and suggestions below.

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8 responses to “Confession Time + Operation Email”

  1. Definitely a challenge I face as well! Emails are OUT OF CONTROL!!! One tip that has helped keep me organized (I use gmail aslo) is to create subfolders for not so important emails I receive. Then I create rules so that these emails automatically go into these subfolders and not into my main email stream so that I can go in and read through them when I have time! Good luck with your challenge! You can do it!

    1. Perfect, good tips! Thanks Kimberly!

  2. When it comes to email overload I always tell clients three primary things: First, get rid of the stuff that’s hitting your inbox that you never read and unsubscribe to those particular lists.

    Secondly, use email filters and folders to control what comes in. Set up folders for particular clients or projects and use filter rules to send incoming email to the folders that you’ve designated. Be sure to set up one for the email subscriptions that you keep. Then all you have to do is open specific folders when you’re ready and you don’t have to search your inbox for related emails.

    Finally, don’t check your email at the very beginning of your day. Instead, check it for the first time about 1.5-2 hours into your day. Use that first block of time to work on your top priority tasks. Set designated times to check email and turn off your email notifications. Your days become much more productive when you check email at designated times versus sporadically throughout the day.

    1. Love this Sheila!

  3. Love this goal Devani! Email is a huge monster but once controlled, it is amazing how productive you can be. I JUST started using Xobni(pro version). It lets me search and find contacts instantly and see them socially and all their linked emails, conversations, files, etc in one place. Works GREAT with gmail. Check them out!
    Cheers, Pia

    P.S. What software/program do you use to create your fun videos?

    1. Awesome Pia! I also use a gmail plugin that shows me their social links, latest status update, if they are subscribe to my aweber lists and which one. It called

      I use imovie on my mac for editing 🙂

  4. I delete a lot just based on the subject line and who it’s from, I don’t open everything. also unsubscribe from things you are not really using.

    1. Thanks for the tip Joseph!!

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