How to blow up your social media engagement with online challenges and Facebook Live

The other day I got to chat with the amazing Michelle Lewis (who is a true Visibility Expert) about rocking online challenges with Facebook Live!

As you already know, online challenges are the BEST way to grow your list, attract your client’s immediate needs and grow the all-important TRUST.

In this podcast you’re going to hear me talk about 6 key topics:

LIST-BUILDING STRATEGIES – You already have an amazing social presence…make sure you’re getting your list built with GOOD content, FB ads, online summits and more!

CHALLENGES – Challenges are perfect because you can get instant feedback, insight and serve your audience more closely.

THE APPEAL OF TUNING IN LIVE – Do you have eye contact, great sound and a clear image? The goal is to make it enticing to the viewer!

BREAKING DOWN THE INFORMATION – If you give your audience too much information, trust me, they will be overwhelmed and won’t finish the journey.

SCHEDULING YOUR LIVES – What is the best and easiest time for your audience to hangout with you?

SOCIAL SHARING – It’s SO important to create your own custom hashtag, encourage your followers and build excitement!

I hope you enjoy this podcast and get a lot of help info – it was super fun!



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