For Soul Driven Business Babes 

Amplify Your Visibility

Unleash Your Power, Connect to Your Feminine Wisdom, and Activate Your Visibility To Attract Soulmate Clients

To the Soul Driven Business Babe who knows she's here to make an impact:

Does any of this sound familiar?

You're ready to get out there in a bigger way to attract more clients, grow your queendom, and live a life of freedom...yet the self-doubt keeps holding you back.

You still don't quite feel "ready" to take action.

You constantly second-guess yourself and look to others for answers.

The thought of sharing your voice and message to stand out and attract clients stops you in your tracks because you are so worried about what other people will think.

You desire visibility, influence, and success, but deep down you know you are blocking yourself.

You fear you'll be overwhelmed when trying to put yourself out there because you're highly sensitive.

You know that you have a big impact to make and incredible gifts to share with the world. If only you felt more confident you'd stop sitting on the sidelines.

Perhaps you’ve invested in courses to help you with your business and marketing strategies, yet you’re still struggling to take action and get out there.

Girl, I get it, because this used to be me!  

Deep down, I didn't believe in myself. 

I worried about what people would think of me. 

I was afraid to share my authentic truth. 

I second-guessed my offerings and messaging, always turning to others for approval.

I didn't know how to manage my energy and sensitives as an empath, often putting me into overwhelm when I would start to gain momentum.

I didn't realize that this fear and lack of belief was blocked energy in my body. So even though I was an overachiever trying to do all the "busy" things, I was hiding and struggling to make consistent income in my business. 

Then I discovered that the difference between the successful biz babes who show up powerfully confident online, and the ones struggling and hiding out is their energetic frequency + sisterhood community.

I believe most of us are taught to do things backward in business. We dive first into the strategy before doing the inner work to clear energetic blocks which allow our confidence, power, voice, and intuition to come through. 

So I got to work, but this time it wasn't working on a cookie-cutter sales funnel or latest IG hacks.

I worked on my energy. I invested in energy healers, mindset work and cultivated a strong sisterhood tribe.

When I did the inner work to activate my confidence I... 

👑Stepped into my Goddess power and became a client magnet 👑Learned how to hear & trust my own intuition (my best biz coach ever!) 👑Stepped into my worthiness and doubled my prices 👑Started attracting high paying 6 and 7 figure clients in my agency 👑Got my clients incredible results creating a constant source of referrals 👑Stepped into a new level of confidence in my voice 👑Have constant 5 figure months in my business 👑Finally, felt what all this flow and ease talk was all about  

Don't get me wrong, business strategy is key. I support clients all day long with soul-aligned strategies, but the strategy WORKS when the energy is ALIGNED. 

Because energy is everything, babe.  

 When you release energetic blocks you raise your frequency which results in powerful inner confidence and client magnetism.

Side effects may or may not include:  

💸Doubling your confidence - making you a client magnet 💸Money landing in your lap and regular referrals. 💸Ability to take action on the things that move your business forward. 💸A SOULed-out launch. 💸An Instagram filled with ideal clients. 💸An ideal audience that can't wait to watch your IG stories. 

So imagine..  

...waking up feeling confident, clear and lit up about what you're offering.  

...feeling confident and inspired on video and social media.

...feeling connected to your inner wisdom and voice to create powerful posts on social media. feeling like play as you trust the divine guidance and knowing that you are right on track.  

...feeling connected to your soul guides & Goddesses to guide you on your business path.

...days you feel energetically off (because as an empath you feel everything) you have the tools to support your energy to nurture your soul. 

...opportunities landing in your lap because of your new abundance frequency.  

...feeling powerful support with a tribe of soul sisters who have your back.  

This is all possible when you embark on the inner journey to step into your Goddess Energy.

Success = energy alignment + intuition + soul-aligned strategy + sisterhood

I am here to help women on their awakening path to rise up. The planet needs your voice now more than ever. The world needs more soul driven women to step into their power to lead with light and impact.  

We live in a day and age where energy alignment, feminine wisdom, soul-aligned strategy, sisterhood, and a spiritual foundation is key to creating a thriving business. Without it, we struggle more than we have to.  

I welcome you into the Amplify Your Visibility

This is for you if..  

✨You're done with letting the self-doubt, fear of being judged, comparison, and fear of being seen for your greatness hold you back.

✨You're ready to experience a sisterhood tribe that stands strong with you. 

✨You're ready to attract more clients and make more money in your business.

✨You're ready to feel like you can handle anything life throws your way.

✨You feel called to step into your power and take your business to the next level as an empowered empath and soul driven woman.

In this program you will:  

👑Discover the superpowers of who you really are and the tools to become an Empowered Empathic Goddess.

👑Understand how energy medicine works to heal, empower, and transform your life. You'll walk away with a deeper connection to yourself.

👑Open + activate your intuition to grow your confidence to receive inner wisdom to guide you in your business (once I started doing this so much magic unfolded for me!) 

👑Dissolve energetic blocks in your body holding you back from your power, confidence, visibility, and success.  

👑Shift from lack frequency to abundance frequency to receive more money, clients, business opportunities, and joy. 

👑Learn how to craft content that will gain visibility and how to amplify the energy of your content to magnetize the right soulmate clients (yes even social media is energy babe!)

👑Gain clarity on your message and offerings to activate business and client growth.

👑Experience a safe, connected, and powerful sisterhood that you've always desired. I have the ability to connect amazing women who have become lifelong friends.

👑Weekly live energy clearing activations where I will be working with you and your soul guides to clear out blocked energy in your system to boost your confidence, power, abundance, and worthiness. You get to have it ALL! 

This program is part curriculum, part Goddess circle.

What is a virtual Goddess circle?  

This is what makes this program unique. Women and men have been gathering in circles since the time humans could walk and communicate. Women, in particular, would come together for support at different times of the lunar and menstrual cycles. Women circles are an ancient practice that the Western world has forgotten--until now.  

More and more women circles are being formed around the world as we have transitioned into this new Age of Aquarius, which is why so many of us are waking up at this time.  

When women circle, there is a life force collective power that allows women to heal, connect soul-to-soul, be seen, heard and empowered to rise up and make a difference.  

This virtual Goddess circle is a sacred container to step into your Divine Sacred Feminine Goddess. Use her wisdom to transmute and transform your business success. 

The details:  

This program will begin on October 1st with the new moon in Libra and end in November with the new moon in fiery Sagittarius as you catapult your business to the next level. Each live session will be held on Tuesday's at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST.  

This program is 9 weeks with 9 live group sessions. All group sessions are LIVE using Zoom video. This allows us to create an interactive virtual Goddess "circle" experience where everyone will be seen and heard to create ultimate expansion and connection for growth. 

There will only be 12 women in this beta group. This special beta group is at a special discount investment as this is the first time I am running this program. The next group will be full price. 

In these sessions, you will learn all of my tools and be guided through powerful exercises. You will experience weekly energy activations that will invite in your Soul's wisdom, spirit guides, and Goddesses to assist with raising your frequency and activating your confidence to step into your next level of success.  

If you aren’t ready to connect with a tribe of soul sisters and step into your visibility, voice, and power - this isn’t for you. The container that I will be creating will be an incredibly powerful experience. Trust that you felt called to this page and program for a reason.  

Each 90-minute live session will be recorded and shared within 24 hours if you can't make all of them live. So if the time doesn't work for you, you still receive the impact and transmissions from the recording. 

In addition, you’ll also get:

  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with your new Goddess sisters for support during the program.
  • Journal prompts and exercises to stretch your comfort zone and integrate your new way of being.
  • BONUSES: With your ticket, you’ll receive two amazing Masterclasses: Instagram Visibility + The Abundant Launch Planning Workshop (Bonus value of $444)

Enrollment is currently sold out! To be added to the waitlist click below.


Check out what other sisters are saying...

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with Devani for about two years, within her circles and marketing trainings. I love working with Devani because she has a way to make marketing feminine, fun and a little flirty. She's got this vibration & energy that you just want to be around.  

Also, her activations and her circles are powerful. I completely saw my future, and who I am, and what I am, and what I'm striving for. I claimed things that I was terrified to claim, and I saw a huge, huge shift in my growth and in my business and in my transformation. And it was wonderful. -Stephanie Lane, Spiritual Business Coach 

"In Devani’s energy activations I was able to access my intuition and my inner wisdom very clearly. I received a lot of downloads, and clarity on what my next steps were going to be." After the activation, I felt as though my energy had completely shifted. I was more aligned. I felt grounded and finally empowered to take the next steps. - Heather White, Holistic Healer

Devani leads with incredible guidance, power, softness and fun. The women Devani brings together are incredible. All at different levels and walks of life to join together to rise up. I experienced a huge breakthroughs in her circles! -Jessica Shaanan, Professional in the online marketing space

"I had such a beautiful, profound experience in Devani's sister circle, and I had a completely unexpected, beautiful breakthrough, and that's really due to Devani and her gift of creating such a special container where I felt so safe to share what I was going through. And that was a big moment for me. If you have the opportunity to be in circle with Devani absolutely do it because the breakthroughs and the awakenings that you will have!" -Ashley Hannawacker, Online Brand Strategist 

Ready to amplify your visibility to step into your next level in business?


Please note: By enrolling in this course, you agree to the terms and conditions.  

There are no refunds given for this program. Trust if you feel called that it's the right investment for you! XO

This is a beta course (meaning this is the first time I will be running this) so I’m offering a discount for the program in exchange for feedback and testimonials. By signing up with this discounted rate you agree to fully participate and provide feedback/testimonial about your experience. I won't be offering it at this price the next time I run it!

Not sure if this is right for you? Send me a text or voice message on Instagram @DevaniFreeman so I can answer any questions you may have!


Hi, I'm Devani..

Known to many as the Queen of SOULed Out LaunchesTM, Facebook Ad Strategist, Energy Healer, Visibility Activator + Certified Sistership Circle Faciliator.  

For the last 9 years I’ve run a successful boutique social media and Facebook ad agency, Heart Centered Social, working with 6 and 7 figure coaches + influencers on scaling their business with paid traffic and sales funnels. 

My name, Devani, actually means "Shining Celestial Goddess". I'm REALLY here to shine my light to activate other lightworkers to rise up.  

After going through a massive awakening over the last decade, I embarked on a healing journey that has allowed me to break through old programming. I've dissolved depression, drug addiction, lack of self-worth, crippling confidence and more. I've worked (and currently work) with some of the top energy healers, shamans and ascended masters in the world to step into my energy healing gifts.  

I am a natural connector and one of my soul missions in this lifetime is to bring women together. When we come together we heal this planet, we rise up in our wealth and abundance. 

I infuse mindset, intuition, spiritual foundations, energy medicine, feminine wisdom, and marketing strategies to help my clients step into their next level of visibility, impact and income.

No words to express my fortune the minute Devani entered my world! My business went from a part-time idea to a full-time online career working with the exact clients I always wished. - Sloan Lauinger, Business + Cash Flow Coach

It's Time to Play a Bigger Game. It's Time To Step into Your Next Level. It's Time to Unleash Your Power + Raise Your Vibration 

Please note: By enrolling in this course, you agree to the terms and conditions. 

Not sure if this is right for you? Send me a text or voice message on Instagram @DevaniFreeman or email me [email protected] so I can answer any questions you may have!

Coaching is such an intimate relationship with another person. It requires a certain level of trust and a whole lotta vulnerability. It requires you to say "I'm not fine!" When you need help. It requires you to stretch far out of your comfort zone knowing your coach, mentor, leader is there to catch you if/when you fall apart.  

To be honest I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to trust and open up with someone again. Then The Universe sent Devani Freeman to me. She loved me and supported me. She pushed gently. She gave me hard truths. She allowed me to heal and to find ME again.  

My life is changed beyond measure and the lives I'll change are beyond measure. My heart is full! - Michele Edwards

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