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5 Steps to Network Like a Pro and Gain the Right Connections in Your Business

Last week I had an incredible experience attending Nick Unsworth’s Ignite Event in San Diego, Ca. I’ve been friends with Nick for a few years now and have been watching him grow his Facebook Marketing company into what he now calls Life on Fire.

Life on Fire is all about providing the tools, support and resources to live your life on fire. This is a life and business that gives you freedom, joy, love, the ability to make a difference and much more.

I  love what Nick is doing in the world and I felt called to support him and to create new connections with his tribe.

His event exceeded my expectations. We smashed through limiting beliefs with a transformational process of walking on glass. Never in my life did I think I would be walking through a bed of broken glass with 200 other people. At the end of the bed of glass I had two people holding my wood board which I wrote my limiting belief on.

ignite marketing event

I was actually more scared of the board than I was of the glass.

I took my boxing stance and went for a forceful punch with my palm springing towards the square board. I immediately felt a sting in my hand as it bounced me right off.

Crap! I said to myself…Not to worry, I got this.

I went in for another punch with all my might and BAM…nothing. I started to become frustrated.

One of the instructors came over and coached me on standing closer, visualizing the broken board and leaning more of my body weight into it.

I got back in the mindset and did it again.


At this point I thought my board was abnormally thick (or that’s just my excuse). But instead of quitting I problem solved. There was another way to break it: I could use my foot.

The guys set it up for a foo
t stomp and immediately it broke into pieces. It felt amazing.

For about 10 minutes afterwards I was down on myself because I didn’t break it with my hand.

But you know what? It still received the same result only using a different technique. The same thing applies to business.

There is nothing you CAN’T do. There is always a way to achieve the same results, it just takes problem solving and the determination to follow through and not quit.

I saw other gals and even big strong men also struggling. It showed me that every single one of us struggle with our own limiting beliefs.

It was an amazing experience and something I was so blessed to be a part of.

Networking and building connections is something that I have been able to master in my business. It is one of the best forms for growing your business when done right as connections are currency.

When you are investing your time, energy and money into attending events you want to make sure you are getting the best possible return on your investment.

So here are a few of my best tips for achieving that:

1) Know your tribe

Only attend events that you feel will have your tribe there. My tribe is heart-centered, passionate, purpose driven entrepreneurs. I also knew several of the event sponsors so I had a good feeling about who would be there.

Even though I primarily serve women and there was more men there, I knew the connections would be people with whom I would still want to be friends. Know your tribe and the type of people that will be there.

2) Set the right intention

Your intention shouldn’t be to sell anything at the event. It’s quite the opposite. Your intention should be to look for ways in which you can provide value for your new connections It’s also about researching which key connections or joint venture partners will be in attendance, so you know who you may potentially wow and make a positive impression.

3) Hashtags + research

Seek out the event hashtag and any private FB groups for your event & research who is attending. I researched hashtags associated with the Life on Fire event by searching on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I did a search on Facebook with the event name, which pulled up a private group for people attending the event…bingo!

I looked up speakers and sponsors who would be there to connect with them.

I also went to the Life on Fire fan page and Nick’s person FB profile to see if anyone was talking about the event. I found several people who looked like minded and sent them a FB friend request and followed a few on Instagram. This allowed me to start connecting with people BEFORE the event.

4) Smile

The best thing you can do to be approachable and make sure you have incredible energy to attract people to you is to smile! Smiling instantly makes people want to say hello.

Networking does not come naturally to a lot of people so help them out by making them feel at ease and by putting out positive energy which everyone wants to be around. This works every time!

5) Don’t sit with people you know

If you really want to expand your connections from the people that you know, sit with people that you have never met before. I love doing this and also love how they gave us directions to do that.

6) Be outspoken

If the live event allows the opportunity for you to jump on the microphone and give your two cents, DO IT. As much as you are scared you will immediately seem more approachable. On the second day of the event I went up to the mic and shared my “ah ha” moment from the day before. I had at least 3 different people come up to me afterwards who either recognized my name from Facebook (step 2) or they felt more comfortable after hearing some of my personal insights.

7) Add value

You never want to go to a networking event trying to sell yourself. People do business with people that they know, like and trust. On average it takes about 6 touches for someone to actually decide to do business with you. When you first meet at a networking event it’s your opportunity to set the foundation to what could be a great relationship or connection.

networking events

Do this by:

-Asking questions about the other person

-Making eye contact

-Offering any resources or connections that would help the other person without expecting anything in return

Now it’s your turn to chime in! I’d love to hear how you liked these tips and if you has any to add. If so please COMMENT below.

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