4 Ways to Crush Resistance & Procrastination

Lately I’ve been feeling tons of resistance in my business. Perhaps you can relate? You know what you need to do in your business, but you just aren’t doing it.

You let distractions happen…realizing you just spent three hours on Facebook.

You constantly check the fridge or decide to finish up that laundry that you know can wait until the weekend…I call this evil character Resistance Renee. She knows exactly when to strike and catch me off guard. I have 4 ways on how I fight Resistance Renee that I’d love to share with you…

My 4 ways on how to crush Resistance & Procrastination:

1:: Get real with yourself on why this resistance is here.

For me, it’s here because I am going to be launching a few new programs I’ve never done before. I’m afraid of the unknown and feel overwhelmed by a new project.

Think about where your resistance is coming from. What is it that you are fearing?

Action Step: Get out a pen & paper. Write down your answer to this question.

2:: Think about the outcome if your fear came true.

Perhaps you’re scared of being told no to the sale? I LOVE no’s. Why? Because that is one closer step to a yes. Not everyone is going to be your perfect client and not everyone is ready to make the commitment to work with you. Your only job is to inspire, layout a plan of action to help them solve their problems & invite them to let you help them reach that. It’s up to them to walk through the door.

So you failed on a launch? That’s actually a GOOD thing! Why? Because you took action and now you can see where you went wrong and what needs to change for your next one. I love this quote:

Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.

So when you think about it, our fears are just our ego talking. It’s false information we tell ourselves so we stay small.

Action step: Write out the outcome of the fear in a positive scenario.

3:: Pull out the power of your why.

When I’m feeling down my motivation is gone and Resistance Renee has me in a choke hold…I strike her back with writing out my why. This usually give her a nice strike back in the face. Your why is your deep down selfish reason for why you do this crazy business called entrepreneurship. It’s why you jump out of bed every morning. It’s why you push yourself out of your comfort zone every single day.

Action step: Write out your why.

4:: Last but not least is visualization 

Visualization is a powerful strategy that I use consistently in my life. I do this by writing in my journal as if the outcome has already come true. I start the entry with…Thank you universe for ______. After you write out your perfect outcome as if it already happened, close your eyes for 1-2 minutes. Imagine and feel what it’s like to have achieved your greatest desire. Allow yourself to smile. To really feel what it would be like. This is by far my most powerful weapon I use against Resistance Renee.

Action step: Journal for 5 minutes followed by visualization for 2 minutes.

BONUS TIP: Go to amazon right now and buy The War of Art. Seriously the best book ever on overcoming resistance!

This wraps up my top four weapons against miss Resistance Renee. I would LOVE to hear how you deal with resistance and if you have any strategies to add. Please comment below!


2 responses to “4 Ways to Crush Resistance & Procrastination”

  1. I like your first tip. Be honest with yourself!

    Funny you should suggest The War of Art. My copy came in the mail today!

    1. Oh my gosh that is so great Andrea! You are going to love that book!

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